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Hub High Five

November 2019

Video of Dr. Michael Crow being livestreamed on a mobile device

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a new live video streaming service that was released last February on the LinkedIn platform as an invite-only beta version for U.S. users. The university LinkedIn account has been approved for the beta and is looking for more events to livestream! Expert Q&As are among the highest-performing LinkedIn Lives, so this is an opportunity to showcase the expertise of faculty as well as any high-profile speakers.

On Oct. 24, the university streamed its first LinkedIn Live event which featured how we’re pushing the frontier with our Interplanetary Initiative. This panel, Space To Thrive, featured ASU President Michael Crow, NASA Psyche mission lead Lindy Elkins-Tanton, ASU Global Explorer in Residence and NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, and interdisciplinary Interplanetary Initiative experts from across ASU. 

Below are campaign highlights as of Nov. 18.

  • 63,320 impressions.
  • 22,644 video views (460 live viewers at peak).
  • 705 reactions.
  • 2.62% engagement rate.

If your unit would like to utilize LinkedIn Live and feature an event, please contact Keri Hensley.

screenshot of ASU Mobile app on gray background

Leveraging the ASU Mobile App for your events and communications

Thanks to the contribution of many university communicators over the last year, 3.7 million targeted push notifications have been delivered to enrolled students and alumni through nearly 128,000 app downloads.

Through mobile push notifications, we strive to engage students and alumni to support the goals of retention, graduation and affinity. Notifications range from event invitations to registration reminders and new resource announcements.

Content should always be timely and personalized and promote:

  • Student Success.
  • Thriving.
  • Affinity.
  • Engagement.

If you have any questions about ASU Mobile App push notifications and how to leverage this platform in your communication plans, please contact the mobile content team.

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Maroon polo shirt on gold background

Here’s the stitch: Q&A on embroidered polos

Q. How do I order embroidered polo shirts for my unit?
A. You can place your order for ASU embroidered department polo shirts through the Print and Imaging Lab. Once your order is submitted, an email including your request and the approved artwork will be sent to three ASU-approved apparel vendors. Each vendor will contact you with a quote.

Q. Why can’t our unit use the horizontal version of our logo?
A. Due to current embroidery technology limitations, the current minimum reproduction height requirement is 5 mm (or approximately .2 inches). If the letters in the unit name on the logo do not meet the minimum reproduction height requirement, the vertical version of the logo must be used. This is to ensure the highest quality of stitch and that the brand is presented in the best dignified manner.

Q. My unit does not want to use the vertical version of our logo. What are our options?
A. If a unit wants to use the horizontal version of their logo, but the logo does not meet the current minimum reproduction height requirement, then screen-printing would be the recommended option. This minimum reproduction height requirement is much less for screen-printing, thus allowing units to use the horizontal version of their logo.

Q. How is this size determined and who provides the correct files?
 The Print and Imaging Lab has developed a solution for checking whether a logo meets the current minimum reproduction height requirement and is responsible for providing the correct version to the vendors, once determined. The vendor will send a mock-up showing the shirt you have selected and the placement of the logo on the shirt.

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Desert Financial Arena

Desert Financial Arena — what you need to know

On Nov. 4, Desert Financial Arena had its new signage installed just in time for basketball season and graduation next month. There has been a lot happening in the background to make sure the name change was updated across the university as well as online. But, we’re not done yet! With as many events that happen where materials are created and possibly handed out, there are likely to be quite a few that still reference Wells Fargo Arena.

We’re asking that your units look at all materials to ensure the name is updated accordingly. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Graduation materials such as programs, announcements, videos, social media posts, etc.
  • Campus maps and directions on flyers or other designs.
  • Videos.
  • References on websites.
  • Temporary event signage.
  • Flyers.
  • Social media.
  • Pictures of old arena signage in any of the above.

The Marketing Hub has photographed Desert Financial Arena with its new signage so that units can utilize these photos on pieces they wish to update or add to new materials. Check them out at Photoshelter below.

Download photos from Photoshelter

#ForksUp trademark on different background colors

Give it up for ASU’s registered trademarks

Arizona State University has more than 100 trademark registrations. The university logos and wordmarks, mascot, seal and taglines are registered marks of Arizona State University and must include the ® designation.

Here are some of the most common university trademarks:

  • ASU®


  • A New American University™
  • Sun Devil Stadium™
  • Devils™
  • Go Devils™
  • It’s Time™
  • Forks Up™
  • Fork 'Em™
  • Fork 'Em Devils™

Check out the ASU brand guide for the full skinny on all pending and registered marks as well as some official lockups.

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What’s new:

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Brand guide updates

When using music at your events or in your videos, it is important to confirm you have the appropriate rights and licenses in place. Regulations and laws are strictly enforced, and units must follow the agreements. Learn more.

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