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May 2019

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Connect with your peers and industry experts on July 25 and 26 at Communications and Digital Camp

Join your peers for ASU’s marketing event of the summer, the Hub’s annual Communications and Digital Camps on July 25 and 26, with two full-day camps jam-packed with tips and tricks of the trade from ASU’s seasoned creatives and developers. A sampling of presentations scheduled includes:

  • “Saving face(s): Capturing and using images of our students in marketing and communications.”
  • “Break up with your web strategy. Lead change with UX.”
  • “The tools of the trade: media relations and strategic communication.”

Choose from 30+ sessions in mission-critical topic areas, everything from SEO and social media to public speaking and project management, plus ample opportunities to mix and mingle with your fellow ASU communicators and marketers.

As we finalize the agenda, we’d love to hear from you on some special-interest sessions we’re considering offering. Please take a moment to provide your feedback.

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3 key takeaways from April All-Hands meeting

In case you missed the April All-Hands meeting featuring Ron Tite — a nationally acclaimed marketing, branding and creativity expert — you can watch his presentation. In his entertaining and informative presentation, he reveals how great brands and great marketers are based on three things, what they:

  • Think. The purpose behind the person or company.
  • Do. How they behave to reinforce the purpose.
  • Say. How they talk about what they believe and how they act.
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AP Style updates in brand guide, stylebook

The AP Stylebook provides the foundation for ASU content guidelines. Much of what appears in the ASU Enterprise Brand and Marketing Guide regarding writing style guidelines is a reflection of the AP Stylebook. Like AP, we update these guidelines regularly. Most recently, there are changes to the use of the percent sign (%), the “pre” entry (drop those hyphens at the door, pardner) and a new entry for “re,” as per AP updates. Be sure to refer to the “Writing style guide” on the brand guide “Elements of the brand” tab for the latest from AP and ASU. Use the brand guide “Contact us” page to let us know if you have questions or suggestions! The AP Stylebook is available digitally and in print.

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Web standards 2.0 project

The ASU web standards 2.0 project is officially underway. This is an opportunity to build upon the work we began with the launch of enterprisewide web standards in 2015.

Web community members from across ASU have participated in three initial workshops to:

  1. Audit how our current websites are incorporating web standards.
  2. Discuss what is working about our current sites.
  3. Share ideas about what our sites could be doing better.

The goal of this project is to use data, your feedback, user testing outcomes and best practices to advance the performance, usability and brand perceptions of all pages.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about the next evolution of the ASU website through our Web Standards 2.0 web community survey!

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Join us June 20: brand primer for new university staff

Do you have new members on your marketing team? The Enterprise Marketing Hub is offering a Marketing Academy session that will quickly familiarize them with the ASU brand. During this session, we’ll introduce the “Learn to thrive” concept, provide a brand guide overview and share marketing resources along with helpful tips.

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