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Hub High Five

April 2019

Ron Tite portrait with book titled "Everyone's An Artist"

5 reasons to learn from artists: find out at All-Hands

Join us to hear how creativity is the key to problem-solving and innovation, and get inspiration from Ron Tite, the best-selling author of “Everyone’s an Artist (or At Least They Should Be): How Creativity Gives You the Edge in Everything You Do.” Revealing the key to truly making a difference, truly innovating and truly competing in the new economy, Tite will share five reasons why successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs think like artists (and how you can, too):

  1. Artists are driven by something greater.
  2. Artists show initiative.
  3. Artists care about their work.
  4. Artists challenge themselves.
  5. And there is an artist in all of us.

Don’t miss nationally acclaimed marketing, branding and creativity expert Ron Tite’s humorous and insightful presentation and autographed book giveaway.

Join us on Tuesday, April 30, to discover your inner artist and unlock your creative edge.

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