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September 2018

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Register today: All-Hands meeting on Oct. 12

Join your fellow ASU communicators and marketers for the next information-packed All-Hands meeting, where you’ll learn more best practices, more brand updates and more of what you need to know to advance the ASU brand. Join us from 9 to 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 12, in the Memorial Union Arizona Ballroom. Register today!

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Picture perfect: new images available in brand galleries

It’s fall, and we have a ripe harvest of new brand photos available for your use in marketing and communications content. Among the images are iconic brand photos: ones conveying innovation, academic excellence and school pride; beautiful campus photography; and events such as commencement and Salute to Service. Check out the new photos in the brand galleries. Want more? Please take this survey to let us know what photos and video b-roll could enhance your marketing and communications efforts in the year to come. Stay tuned for an upcoming Hub High Five announcement about new video B-roll footage that will be available to you soon.

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What to know about A-frame signage

As ASU expands digital messaging across all campuses, new rules apply to lawn signs (prohibited!) and A-frames, which are now limited to special events only, not for vendor or office identification. Here’s an update:

A-frame inserts. ASU community members may place orders for event signage through ASU Print Online and use an on-brand, pre-approved design template. The ASU Print and Imaging Lab will print the piece’s request number and removal date on the insert.

A-frame hardware rental or purchase. You may purchase or rent the approved white Plasticade Signicade Deluxe with 24” x 36” inserts. Notify the Print Lab if you are using existing hardware to receive approval stickers that must be placed on the top right corner of each side of all frames, which must be cleaned regularly and in good working order.

To learn more about ASU signage policy changes and how to rent A-frames from the Print Lab, here are additional details.

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What’s on digital: 4 exemplars

In this Hub High Five, we share a look at what’s happening in digital marketing across the university. Here are four noteworthy websites that reflect brand standards and are user-friendly and eye-catching:

  1. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. CLAS reveals how to make Webspark look its best on this site, which illustrates best practices in content organization, background colors, icons and features.
  2. Visit ASU. This site exemplifies the use of strong imagery, engaging tile-based content sections and good flow. It’s also mobile-friendly.
  3. Admission. One of ASU’s newest sites was extensively tested with users; it showcases a solution for testimonials and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Check it out!
  4. Veterans. Beyond the user-friendly page organization and information layout, this site demonstrates ASU web standards regarding buttons and the successful use of recruitment, degree and informational call-to-action buttons.


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Post your news to ASU … Now

Have a new world-renowned professor in your college? A new project that raises the bar for innovation and interdisciplinary research in your lab? Groundbreaking news to share with a global audience? Then post it to ASU Now and make it available to your audience on a widely respected news site. Here’s how

  1. Log in at and click on “My news articles” in the upper left.
  2. On the next screen, click “Add article,” then fill in your headline, body copy and teaser. Add a photo if you have one.
  3. Choose your SAF (your Strategic Area of Focus) or “ASU news,” then check the tags as you want. (Start typing in one of the fields and you’ll see your college, unit, etc., pop up. You can do multiples; just separate each with a comma.)
  4. Click “Save” at the bottom of your story. (The soft yellow field that appears at the top of your screen will say “Revision state: Draft” after you’ve saved your story.)
  5. Note: “Draft” means you’re still working on it, and ASU Now will not touch it; “Needs review” means your story is ready for review by ASU Now, ready for publication. To switch it to “Needs Review,” click the red “Save” button under the white bar that says “Needs review.” (This is still in the soft yellow field area.) You can also include any instructions like “Publish after 3 p.m. Sept. 20” in the “Notes” field immediately above “Needs review.” Once you have clicked either “Draft” or “Needs review,” click “Save.” You are done!

Note: You must first request permission for access to ASU Now posting. Please contact any of these three ASU Now experts to get started today: Penny WalkerLisa Robbins or Kylie Digges.

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