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Hub High Five

May 2018

Welcome to the Hub High Five, a monthly email from the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub that delivers the most important ASU branding news, helpful tools and resources, and highlights of great work from ASU communicators.



Come to web and communications camps, bag a book

It’s the No. 1 quality the nation’s top CEOs seek in new hires. And yet it’s far off the career development radar for most professionals. “It” is creativity. But how do you increase it? Steven Tepper, dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, offers these four book suggestions to get you started:


  • “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson
  • “Improv Wisdom” by Patricia Ryan Madson
  • “The Rise” by Sarah Lewis
  • “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel


To learn more about these books and Tepper’s insights on creativity, read his full article on the topic on page 63 of the summer issue of ASU Thrive.

(Note:The Hub will select among early registrants to the web camp on July 26 and communications camp on July 27 to receive a free copy of one of these books!)


Sun Devil Fitness flexes brand strength

How does the ASU brand design palette play out in the fast-paced environment of ASU's fitness centers? The Sun Devil Fitness creative team shows how to flex the ASU brand muscle in a variety of appealing marketing content, from classes to parties and more. Check out a variety of fitness center flyers using the ASU font, colors, the logo and photography.


For copywriters, content maestri: AP Stylebook updates

AP Stylebook updates have arrived and include:


  • 3D now has no hyphen. And, in a revision of the numerals entry, a numeral-and-letter combo (such as “3D”) may start a sentence (3D subsurface images are revealing structures within the Martian polar ice caps.). Starting a sentence with the year is the only other time when a numeral is OK at the beginning of a sentence (2018 commencement plans have been finalized.).
  • Homepage is one word (The site’s homepage features a hero image of Old Main.).
  • Smartwatch, like “smartphone,” is one word (My smartwatch is better than your smartphone.).
  • AR is acceptable on second reference for “augmented reality.”


Next month: the skinny on bulleted lists!


Order now: new postage billing bar codes

All outgoing postal mail sent to ASU Mail Services requires a new postage billing bar code beginning on June 21. All departments must place the new billing bar codes on their outgoing envelopes and packages to comply with the new Financial Management System. Envelopes with current bar codes can be used until June 20.

Departments may request new billing bar codes online. Once the bar code request is submitted and approved, the new bar code may be printed on envelopes and labels for use starting June 21.

Here’s what to do with your outdated bar codes:



If you have questions about the new bar codes, email Mail Services or call 480-965-9820. If you have questions about your new FMS account numbers, contact the FMS project team or complete the FMS feedback form.

asu facebook page

Know this about that: Facebook’s new algorithm

Your college or unit has great Facebook content, images and links — but your most recent results just aren’t what they used to be. What gives? Perhaps it’s time to do your homework on the recent change to Facebook’s algorithm that prioritizes content from friends and family in users’ news feeds. How do you continue reaching your audience, even after this change? Check out Hootsuite’s handy guide.


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Marketing Academy

July 26: Web Camp


July 27: Communications Camp


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