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June 2018


3 website redesign lessons from Sun Devil Athletics and ASU Alumni

Improving the performance of your website requires three essential steps: test, test and test some more. For the newly redesigned Sun Devil Athletics and ASU Alumni sites:


  • Google Analytics provided clues on what to test.
  • Web development teams used in-lab testing with real alumni and fans, who performed tasks such as finding parking for football games and locating information on the Los Angeles alumni chapter.
  • Teams also tested users’ ability to find information on site homepages, driving the teams back to the drawing board a few times.


The investment in testing already has yielded noteworthy results. For example, there’s been a 16 percent increase in average pages per session and a 9 percent lift in time spent on the new ASU Alumni website when compared to the same period last year.

For a sampling of before and after looks, please click here.

(Would you like to learn how the Hub can help you utilize user experience data to drive results? Contact Stacy Holmstedt.


Grammar news flash: AP’s updated rules on bulleted lists

The Associated Press’ new rules on bulleted lists are forcing communicators to reconsider writing habits formed over a decade or more. Check out the new AP newswriting guidelines:

  • AP uses dashes instead of bullets to introduce individual sections of a list; but ASU’s brand style uses bullets (also permissible by AP).
  • Put a space between the bullet and the first word of each item in the list.
  • Capitalize the first word following the bullet and use periods at the end of each section, whether it is a full sentence, phrase or word.
  • Use parallel construction for each item in a list, starting with the same part of speech (in this example, a verb) and using the same voice (active or passive) and verb tense.
  • Introduce the list with a short phrase or sentence.

As a general rule, ASU follows AP Style, but check out the ASU Brand Guide for exceptions.

summer camps

Sneak peek: what’s in store at the July Web and Communications camps

The Hub’s Web and Communications camps are just around the corner — July 26 and 27. RSVP today (Web Camp and Communications Camp) for the marketing event of the summer! Each camp RSVP page includes the agenda of presentations you shouldn’t miss.

Web Camp
Thursday, July 26
 Digital trends impacting higher ed
Breakout sessions:


  1. Webspark 101
  2. User-centered, data-driven approach to user experience: a checklist for success
  3. Optimizing for conversion: ASU Online website redesign
  4. Web standards evolution approach and feedback
  5. Standards and best practices for YouTube publishing
  6. Web tech update: web components update/Drupal 8


Communications Camp
Friday, July 27
 So what is innovation anyway?
Breakout sessions:


  1. What it takes to make a great photo that delivers
  2. How the wrong creative can kill a great campaign
  3. How to get creative with ASU brand guidelines without breaking the rules
  4. The write stuff: Be true to your school
  5. How to (and why) measure your social ROI
  6. I'm not crying, you're crying: video tools, standards and the emotional hook


look book

Nominate a great project for an upcoming ‘look book’

As ASU communicators and marketers gear up for a new academic year, a fresh batch of welcome packets and invitations are in the works, and we want to see what you’ve created! We invite you to nominate a great welcome packet or invitation project to be considered for an upcoming look book by emailing your best to Enterprise Marketing Hub marketing content copywriter Lori Baker.

sun devil rewards

ASU wins pair of 2018 CASE Circle of Excellence awards

Arizona State University has won two highly coveted 2018 CASE Circle of Excellence awards, recognized by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

Category: PSAs and Commercial Spots
Award: Gold
Recipient: ASU's Emmy award-winning "33 Buckets"
The spot celebrates the unique journey of one of the many student innovators of ASU. Through a high-quality, mini-documentary production, ASU sought to make the connection in the viewer's mind between the university's value proposition and the personal and emotional journey one travels when pursuing a better life through the college experience.

Category: Mobile Applications
Award: Silver
Recipient: Sun Devil Rewards
The mobile app designed by the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub successfully links university alumni, students, faculty/staff, fans and advocates to ASU innovation. Through the app and complementary web, social and email channels, Sun Devil Rewards members receive personalized and up-to-the minute access to what's happening at ASU and within the university community.


What's on press

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Marketing Academy

July 26: Web Camp


July 27: Communications Camp


Brand guide

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