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Hub Dozen

January 2018

Welcome to the Hub Dozen, a monthly email from the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub that delivers 12 quick tips, updates and resources to help the ASU marketing community thrive.

A look at the most popular topics in 2017


Seal of approval: updated ASU vendors list

Need an outside vendor to help accelerate your projects? Review the updated list of authorized web, graphic design and videography vendors. This list will save you time and effort — the vendors on the list were screened by a cross-departmental committee and judged on experience and ability to provide quality service to ASU. And, your unit can obtain an estimate and contract with these authorized firms without conducting a formal solicitation.

The ASU CFO website has a list of suppliers with services and contact information. Email Catherine Thart in ASU Purchasing and Business Services, or call 480-727-5177 with questions.


Color me effective: 4 tips on using the ASU color palette


Color conveys a powerful message. ASU’s color palette creates a sense of urgency, forthrightness and “tell-it-like-it-is” attitude. Here are four tips on how to use ASU’s primary and secondary colors.

  1. Maroon and gold are recognizable as brand-specific colors and should always be the first choices for color elements in your project.
  2. White and black serve as foundational colors that allow maroon and gold to shine.
  3. Too many colors at once can have a negative effect on messaging. Be careful not to use every color in our palette.
  4. Bright secondary colors are accents and should not be used for major color areas. Paired with our primary colors in secondary roles, they provide contrast as needed.

To learn more about coloring inside the brand lines, visit the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide.


Ordering ASU-branded items? Update your logos!

If you’re starting the new year by purchasing ASU-branded items, here’s a friendly and timely reminder: All items — including business cards, envelopes, letterhead and note cards — must be updated with the new endorsed logos. Updated endorsed logos can be found on the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide.


Mastering the brand: Marketing Academy workshops in January

The ASU Marketing Academy is designed for YOU. Providing a variety of in-person and online learning opportunities created to master and advance the ASU brand, these upcoming academy workshops will help you learn and share best practices with your communications peers:

Marketing Cloud Email: Managing Subscribers Learn how to manage data extensions, and send and track email through the Marketing Cloud on Jan.19 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Register here.

Mobile UX workshop Is your site’s mobile presence meeting users’ expectations? Join us on Jan. 22 from 10-11 a.m. to learn more. Register here.

Digital Media Buying for Beginners Learn the basics of when and why to use paid digital media and the process of purchasing paid media at ASU with our media agency-of-record at our workshop on Jan. 24 from 10-11 a.m. Register here.

Analytics Workshop: Dashboards and Custom Reports Learn how to use Google Analytics to create campaigns and experiences that delight your constituents and achieve your marketing objectives on Jan. 29 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Register here.

For workshops in February, including Branding and Marketing at ASU, Design Studio Fridays and Introduction to Video Captioning, visit the Marketing Academy calendar on the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide.


My type: demystifying which font to use in your marketing communications

Every day, marketing communicators face an endless number of typography choices — everything from classic and conventional to whimsical. The ASU Brand and Marketing Guide takes the guesswork out of the marketing communications equation with its family of fonts:

  • Akzidenz Grotesk Standard for print design
  • Arial for universal use by all users
  • Roboto for the web
  • Frutiger for signage by the university architect’s office
  • Sun Devil Bold for specific and limited uses in athletics

Please take a moment to visit the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide to learn more about ASU typography guidelines.


5 things you need to know about endorsed logos

Q: My unit has used our logo for at least a decade. Can we keep it? A: No, there is no “grandfather” clause in endorsed logos. Every endorsed logo must be approved.

Q: Are there different versions of the logos that can accommodate my design needs? A: Yes, there are two versions available: horizontal and vertical.

Q: Do I have to replace my permanent signage? A: No. Focus first on replacing your printed and digital materials.

Q: Can I modify the endorsed logo? A: Please do not modify the endorsed logos, and refrain from:

  • Changing the colors of the lettering.
  • Cutting off any elements of the endorsed logo (including the registration mark and words “Arizona State University”).
  • Modifying the file format to an SVG (Although this approach optimizes how it renders, it unlocks the logo and makes it very susceptible to modifications and unauthorized use.).

Q: Why does it matter if the text is centered or left-justified? A: The left justification with the ragged right is optimized for reading, according to research on reading efficiency and recall.

Visit the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide for more information about university and endorsed logos.

Make your email signature count!


An addition to the ASU Brand Guide features a “signature” move. To maintain and share a professional and consistent email signature across the university, head for the easy-to-use signature generator developed by the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. It has signature tips your readers will appreciate, such as not adding graphics to your signature, as these appear to smartphone users as attachments that must be downloaded. There are some graphics (e.g., endorsed logos, the Sun Devil pitchfork, Sparky, photos, drawings and more) you may not be permitted to use. The Print and Imaging Lab’s generator will configure all of your information into ASU’s standardized email signature format. To create or update your email signatureclick here.


It’s in the presentation: brand-aligned template now available

There’s no single formula for a great talk, but here’s a secret ingredient that all ASU brand-aligned presentations have in common: the Hub’s presentation template. This template (in a 16:9 ratio) makes giving brand-aligned presentations quicker and easier than ever before. The layout includes a title slide, table of contents, feature pages, bulleted lists, multiple-column options and more.


Your perfect iSearch profile: standards and guidelines


ASU faculty, students and staff are special and among the very best in their fields, with backgrounds of great success on many levels. To better reflect this excellence, standards have been developed to ensure consistent, public-facing iSearch profiles.

In the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide you will find iSearch profile guidelines, with examples, to help you and your team create more accessible biographies on iSearch profile pages. We will also be bringing greater consistency to profile images, which can also be used in ASU marketing and media projects. Learn more about how to optimize your biography with your questions.


Marco? Polo! Your ASU polo, that is

Here’s a fashionable way to show your ASU pride; convey a professional, businesslike image; and enjoy the advantages of more relaxed clothing — all at the same time! Nothing sets the right tone quite like an ASU polo with a unit-endorsed logo or affiliate mark. To order your ASU embroidered department polo shirts, click here. Once your order is submitted, an email including your request and the approved artwork will be sent to three ASU-approved vendors. Each vendor will contact you with a quote. If you have any questions, please email the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. For questions regarding trademark and licensing, please contact Trademark Licensing for additional assistance.


Booster shot: 5 ways to up the ASU brand online

Each college and unit plays a key role in boosting the ASU brand online through consistent design and content that reflects the guidelines featured in the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide. Here are handy tools you can use:

  1. Web standards checklist. Take a moment to audit your site using this checklist.
  2. iSearch. This directory has many new-and-improved features, from layout to enhanced content.
  3. Webspark updates. Please stay up to date on the latest releases of Webspark. It includes many important updates and requires extensive testing before going live.
  4. Website accessibility. Improved accessibility standards and guidelines are now available.
  5. Mobile standards. All apps developed for the university require approval by the Mobile Strategy Board with members of UTO and the Marketing Hub. For more information, visit the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide.

How’s your content ‘AP-titude’?

ASU writing style guidelines closely follow AP guidelines and are designed to ensure consistency in messaging across the university. The ASU Brand and Marketing Guide is a one-stop site for identity standards questions — from writing style to photography, and from logos and wordmarks to presentations and more.

Before you send out your next invitation, check out these style guidelines for dates and addresses:

  • Do you know which months to abbreviate and which months to spell out with a specific day? Here’s where you’ll find the answer.
  • Likewise, some street suffixes are spelled out while others are abbreviated. Wondering when a number should be a figure or spelled out in an address? Check this out.

Be on the lookout for a fresh new design of the monthly Hub Dozen email starting in February, featuring quicker bites of the most important ASU brand info.