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August 2018

Summer 2018 Web and Comm camps

You can watch it all here

We gathered, we learned, we listened. A big thank you to all who attended and presented at this year’s summer camps! Compared to last year, attendance more than doubled, with 171 attendees at Web Camp and 241 at Communications Camp. For a deeper dive, or to check out one of the sessions you missed, please click here to watch videos from both days.

Pencils, scissors and paper

New tools and takeaways

The Associated Press’ new rules on bulleted lists are forcing communicators to reconsider writing habits formed over a decade or more. Check out the new AP newswriting guidelines:

What does innovation look like at ASU?

Innovation Day — Nov. 16

Dr. Minu Ipe and team are busy planning ASU’s inaugural Innovation Day for November 16 — a chance for the university to come together and celebrate impact through innovation. During her keynote at communication camp, she shared examples of ASU innovation in action. If you have a great innovation story to add, she'd love to hear about it. Answer a few quick questions here.

Graph of feedback from communicators

We hear you

The camps are an opportunity to make your voice heard - and many of you did just that. So what did we hear? Communicators from across the enterprise want greater understanding of the brand with more opportunities to see how it’s expressed and to share knowledge across units. You want to know what the next step in the evolution of our web standards will be with more technical training and tutorials. Last, but by no means least, you need new photography! Some of this feedback has already led to a retooling of upcoming Marketing Academy workshops. The Hub will continue to sift through all of it to determine where we can be most effective in addressing your needs and concerns throughout FY19.

Marketing Adacemy updates

All Hands on Oct. 12

You can help us build on the momentum of our summer camps by staying engaged. Register for the All-Hands meeting from 9 to 11 a.m. on Friday, October 12, in the Memorial Union Arizona Ballroom, as well as future Marketing Academy workshops. Access the complete Marketing Academy calendar here, or scroll down for those coming up soon.

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Marketing Academy:

Aug. 21: Web Camp

Aug. 29: Communications Camp