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When using music at your events or in your videos, it is important to confirm you have the appropriate rights and licenses in place. Regulations and laws are strictly enforced, and units must follow the agreements.  

ASU maintains agreements with the following music libraries and networks

Audio Network

The Enterprise Marketing Hub maintains an agreement with Audio Network that provides unlimited downloads from the Audio Network Production Music Library for use on nonadvertising websites and worldwide distribution of social media advertising with a media spend under $2,000. The rights are perpetual.


The Enterprise Marketing Hub maintains an account with Artlist that provides access to music  for any video production (private or commercial) on any platform worldwide. All downloaded music is for perpetual use. 

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, BMI and SESAC (Limited usage of popular music for events and performances)

ASU maintains a public performance license with American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, BMI and SESAC for libraries of well-known music that can be played at events and live performances. 

Note: ASU only has the rights to publish live streaming events or event recordings that include licensed music on asu.edu. These videos may not be published on any other digital or social channels such as Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, etc. If you stream or record an event with music, it is recommended to choose licensed music or cut the audio of the feed while non-licensed music is playing. ASU does not maintain the right to use popular music for digital distribution of videos created solely for promotional purposes.

Prior to using any song at your event, please research our music databases to confirm they are covered by one of our agreements. If the song is not included in one of these libraries, ASU does not have the right to include it at a major event and an alternative selection should be made, or you must seek to find the licensing entity and secure individual permission. 


  1. Go to ascap.com

  2. Click Repertory

  3. Type in song title and/or performer, click search


  1. Go to Repertoire.bmi.com/startpage.aspx

  2. Use drop-down menu to select artist or title, type in and click search


  1. Go to sesac.com

  2.  Click triangle in top left corner for menu, select repertory

  3. Accept terms and start searching


Additional cost-effective libraries are also recommended

Audio Jungle

Departments can arrange to purchase individual songs for a single event or video project. Costs are estimated to range between $15 to $125 per song.

Free Music Archive

When using this music library, songs must be under a creative commons license that allows for commercial use.